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The Vickie series of books are available in Audio book format in English on itunes and by the narrator Brenna Hobbs. Currently the Vickie series books are being created in audiobook Spanish as well by the actress Leni Rico.


The books are currently available in ebook/print in the languages of Spanish and Portuguese. Currently being translated are Italian, Hindi, French and Japanese.


I am no longer with Tate Publishing but my books are available online. Correct ISBN numbers and newer versions of my books are listed under Mazzaroth. However Tate published versions may still be available as well until depleted.


Publisher and Author Address:

Mazzaroth/Mike Sims
PO Box 842290
Houston, TX 77284


All Books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or anywhere online. Signed copies can be purchased from my personal webstore here as well as an ebook version you can purchase and will be emailed to you as a PDF file:

Mazzaroth Store


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